UW Schools Fair Poorly in White/Black Graduation Rates

Christian Scheider:

According to a new study by the Education Trust, three University of Wisconsin schools rank in the top 25 public colleges and universities with the largest white-black graduation-rate gaps.
The UW-Milwaukee is 6th highest in the nation, with a 28.2% gap between white and black degree earners. The UW-Whitewater ranks 9th, with a gap of 27.3%. And the UW-Madison, which has implemented several high-profile diversity plans over the past decade, ranks 19th with a 23.3% graduation difference between white and black students.
The UW-Milwaukee also makes the list of top 25 schools with large gaps between white and Hispanic students as well. UW-Milwaukee is 6th on the list with a white-Hispanic graduation disparity of 20%.