Does spending more money per student make a school better?

Tawnell Hobbs

So do school districts that spend more money per pupil perform better? I checked out the financial figures for the 2007-08* school year in Texas and found that more money per pupil doesn’t necessarily make a school better. Of the top 10 school districts and charter schools that spent more money in operating expenses per student, one held the state’s highest rating, “exemplary;” three were “recognized;” and the remaining six were “academically acceptable.” (Go to the jump for a list of these schools).
Carroll ISD, an exemplary school district, spent $8,301 per student, compared to $9,446 per student in the academically-acceptable Dallas ISD.

Related: The report mentions that California’s average per student expenditure is just under $10,000 annually. Madison’s 2009/2010 per student spending was $15,241 ($370,287,471 budget / 24,295 students).