UW program offers students a ‘test run’ at studying the sciences

Pamela Cotant:

Eboni Turner, a high school student from Chicago, will never forget the six weeks she spent in Madison for the Summer Science Institute.
She was doing field research in Lake Wingra when she got stuck in the decomposing material at the bottom.
“It smells really, really bad,” said Turner, who will be a senior this fall. “While I was scared, this was so cool. I was stuck in stuff and I had to get out.”
Turner was one of 16 students who participated in the recent Summer Science Institute, a six-week residential program through the Center for Biology Education at UW-Madison.
The program gives high school students an understanding of biological and physical research while learning about college life. The students work in groups with mentors on a specific research project. Then they write a research report and present their project and findings at a symposium at the end of the program.