Duncan being too ‘modest’

Valerie Strauss:

Education Secretary Arne Duncan was being too modest when he said in a speech Tuesday at the National Press Club that the Obama administration is playing a “modest role” in sparking a “quiet” revolution in education.
There is nothing modest about the administration’s role in driving reform, and there is nothing “quiet” about the change process, not in Washington or in state legislatures that rushed to change laws for a chance to win federal dollars.
The administration is Bigfoot, driving change with billions of dollars in the Race to the Top competition. In fact, Race to the Top, which started with $4.35 billion, is doling out the largest pot of discretionary federal education money ever. How’s that for modest?
Duncan announced the finalists for Round 2 — 18 states and the District of Columbia — each of which will send teams to Washinton, D.C., in August to explain why they deserve to be on top.