Madison School Board to Discuss the Superintendent’s Proposed Administrative Reorganization Monday Evening

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Reorgnanization Budget 180K PDF
February, 2010 background memo from Superintendent Dan Nerad.
I spoke with the Superintendent Friday regarding the proposed reorganization. The conversation occurred subsequent to an email I sent to the School Board regarding Administrative cost growth and the proposed reduction in Superintendent direct reports.
I inquired about the reduction in direct reports, the addition of a Chief Learning Officer, or Deputy Superintendent and the apparent increased costs of this change. Mr. Nerad said that he would email updated budget numbers Monday (he said Friday that there would be cost savings). With respect to the change in direct reports, he said that the District surveyed other large Wisconsin Schools and found that those Superintendents typically had 6 to 8, maybe 9 direct reports. He also reminded me that the District formerly had a Deputy Superintendent. Art Rainwater served in that position prior to his boss, Cheryl Wilhoyte’s demise. He discussed a number of reasons for the proposed changes, largely to eliminate management silos and support the District’s strategic plan. He also referenced a proposed reduction in Teaching & Learning staff.
I mentioned Administrative costs vis a vis the current financial climate.
I will post the budget numbers and any related information upon receipt.
Finally, I ran into a wonderful MMSD teacher this weekend. I mentioned my recent conversation with the Superintendent. This teacher asked if I “set him straight” on the “dumbing down of the Madison School District”?
That’s a good question. This teacher believes that we should be learning from Geoffrey Canada’s efforts with respect to the achievement gap, particularly his high expectations. Much more on the Harlem Children’s Zone here.
Finally, TJ Mertz offers a bit of commentary on Monday evening’s Madison School Board meeting.

One thought on “Madison School Board to Discuss the Superintendent’s Proposed Administrative Reorganization Monday Evening”

  1. I received an email from Superintendent Nerad on the proposed Administrative reorganization’s budget implications.
    Here’s the full text:
    Superintendent Nerad: The changes from the reorganization plan will save $875K over the next two years, 500K in the first year and the rest in year 2.
    Jim Zellmer: Are these numbers a reduction in current year administrative spending, or compared to “cost to continue” numbers, or?
    Superintendent Nerad: These numbers are projected savings when compared to the cost-to-continue budget for the 2010-11 school year. These numbers will become finalized with the 2010-11 preliminary budget information.
    Regarding the issue of direct reports we found an average of eight direct reports across the large districts in the state.
    It would be useful to compare proposed spending to the current year budget as well, vs. the “cost to continue” version, which represents a higher baseline.

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