The School Board Job

Charlie Mas:

I don’t know what job the members of the school board came to do. I don’t know what job they think they are doing. But I do know what job they aren’t doing: they aren’t doing the Board job.
The Board job begins with serving as the elected representatives of the public. But the Board members aren’t representing the public’s voice in Seattle Public Schools. They certainly aren’t advocating for the public’s perspective. We know that they aren’t because if they were, we would hear them begin their sentences with the words: “My constituents want… ” and they don’t. We don’t hear them say “My constituents want equitable access to language immersion programs.” or “My constituents want equitable access to Montessori programs.” or “My constituents want access to a real Spectrum program for their Spectrum-eligible children.” or “My constituents want reduced class sizes.” We aren’t hearing that. And we sure aren’t hearing them follow these statements with “So let’s make it happen for them.”