Davenport School Board OKs special education plan

Kurt Allemeier:

The Davenport School Board approved a state-required special education delivery plan Monday to the disappointment of one member who said it was a missed opportunity.
The board approved the plan 6-1, with Timothy Tupper voting against it.
“We had a real opportunity with this document to really look at our process and procedures, and we didn’t do that,” Tupper said during discussion of the plan. “I hoped we would look at our delivery of services to see how we (could) do it better.”
The plan moves the district away from teaching special needs students in seclusion. Instead, general education teachers will work with special education students in a regular classroom setting. The special education service delivery plan, recently required by the Iowa Department of Education, defines how schools meet the educational needs of students.
About 30 teachers were involved in the delivery plan and public input was sought, Betty Long, director of exceptional education and federal programming, told the board. Most public input was received via e-mail.