Tennessee’s Education Reform Plan

Richard Locker:

A statewide education reform commission headed by former U.S. Sen. Bill Frist issued its final recommendations today, with a goal of moving Tennessee to the top of the Southern states in K-12 education.
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“The very simple goal is to make Tennessee – us, our kids – the best in the South in five years,” Frist said at a State Capitol event unveiling the report. “It’s a challenging, ambitious goal but it can be done.”
The recommendations of the bipartisan “State Collaborative on Reforming Education,” or SCORE, which Frist established early this year, includes 60 specific recommendations that revolve around four key “strategies:”
** Embracing the higher graduation standards that are about to go into effect as part of the Tennessee Diploma Project that aims at both raising standards and graduating more students. There has been some fear that when the impact of the more rigorous standards are felt, there will be political pressure on legislators to scale them back.
** Cultivating stronger school leaders, including superintendents and teachers.

Final Report: 2.4MB PDF.