In Syracuse, Biden & Geithner promote education’s importance

William Kates:

Getting into college and being able to pay for it are essential to staying on the middle-class track, Vice President Joe Biden told a college audience Wednesday.
“The president and I believe there is no better ticket to the middle class than a college education,” Biden told about 1,000 people inside Goldstein Auditorium at Syracuse University, where he attended law school.
Biden appeared along with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Education Secretary Arne Duncan as part of the White House Task Force on Middle Class Families. The task force has held town hall-style meetings across the country focusing on raising the living standards of middle-class, working families.
During Wednesday’s forum, Biden reviewed proposals and reforms the administration believes will make a college degree more attainable for working families.
The administration wants to simplify the financial aid application process, extend eligibility to more students and provide more money for direct student aid while extending tax credits to working families with students.