Who’s holding royal flush in MPS superintendent search?

Alan Borsuk:

The Milwaukee School Board took its stand last week on how it will play Superintendent Draw, the big-time game of poker coming up for Milwaukee schools:
With a lot of money in the pot and the usual players at the table.
But the politics and atmosphere surrounding the search for a school chief could be overshadowed by an even bigger and more colorful game: MPS Hold ‘Em, in which the battle is over who calls the shots when it comes to directing the state’s largest and most challenging school system.
MPS Hold ‘Em has been brewing for months, particularly since the release of a consultant’s report in April that described MPS as a poorly run business. That triggered talk of a mayoral takeover of MPS or other changes in the system.
Now it is shaping up that MPS Hold ‘Em will either come to a head soon or the game will cease for at least the foreseeable future.
Why is MPS Hold ‘Em linked to Superintendent Draw? Two reasons: