Sloppy Wisconsin K-12 budget hits Madison, other schools hard

Scott Milfred:

It’s not just Madison schools getting hit with a much bigger cut in state aid than expected.
Middleton-Cross Plains is in the same leaky boat. So are schools in Adams-Friendship, Green Lake, Markesan, Montello, Princeton, Westfield and Wisconsin Dells.
State lawmakers had said no school district in Wisconsin should experience a state aid cut of more than 10 percent, under the state budget just signed into law.
But more than 90 school districts, including all of those listed above, just learned they’re facing cuts greater than 15 percent. In addition, school districts including Lodi and Cambridge are facing cuts of more than 12 percent.
It’s a stunning blow to local schools.
In Madison, it means the worst-case scenario of a 10 percent cut of $6 million next school year just became a much bigger reduction of more than $9 million.
That’s likely to trigger higher local property taxes and cuts to instruction — despite last fall’s referendum that was supposed to steady Madison schools for three years.

One thought on “Sloppy Wisconsin K-12 budget hits Madison, other schools hard”

  1. Is our States Leadership really interested in helping Wisconsin Students (K-12) Excel? It seems that our State Legislature and Governor have pitted Education against Social Services.
    No State, likes it when the Federal Government passes a law and doesn’t supply the long term funding to go along with their laws or change in their laws. Why then does our State say they are for Education but their actions do not match what they say?
    Madison is expected now to pick up the pieces because Education (K-12) is not this States Hightest Priority! School Districts who have not tried to keep up with the social increases, which some school districts, like Madison has,received not as big a hit! As school districts continue to increase operational costs more pressure is put on funding this increase by increasing local taxes.
    How much should Madison residents supply locally for increased school district needs. Are there limits?
    Right now our schools are over 42% free and reduced lunch does this number cost the same in all districts who are at this level? What happenes if Wages/Benefits are automatically guranteed a minimum 3.8% increase and this goes on for over 15 years? Will there be a maximum affordability amount where tax payers no longer can give!?
    Wages have not increased significantly for over 20 years, jobs are not increasing, more of our population is retiring, 40% of peoples investments have been pulled out from under them. Our state is 5 Billion in debt WHY?
    What is being traded off by the State for not funding education?
    Our State, County, City, and School Districts expect it’s citizens to pick up more of the tab so they don’t have to be responsible to the future well fare of their Community or State! What does everyone expect when no one Revolutionizes their operation or how Education is delivered. Eventually tough decisions must be made but on the other side of this who will now partner to help make sure our young people receive the Best Education possible?
    Tax payers can’t always be expected to pick up the pieces when Budgets keep expanding but no significant operational changes, or student improvements take place. Is education producing a value for the money being invested in how the Madison School District operates? What 5 areas is adding to the cost of education? Are any of these areas showing specific value in producing a higher valued student and more of them!
    If we keep providing by approving Referendums and the District does nothing to produce a value then where is all this extra effort going?
    It doesn’t always mean more head count it might mean getting more from each person only adding head count when everyone is operating at a higher level and the results are increased by over 10-20%. It doesn’t cost more money to significantly increase output. It takes a Laser Focus and Consistent Measurement!
    Maybe we have given too much not expecting more from our District…are they expecting more from their students? They have always expected more from it’s taxpaying residents but are they really expecting more from everyone?
    Our last child will be a Junior at Memorial and we have paid tutors since she has been in third grade because she had a problem with recoginizing Numbers and Symbols (Reading and Math)…A learning concern identified in Kindergarten!
    The District always said she will be fine. No one would define fine. It took extra effort from us and our daughter to ensure a better outcome. If we left it up to the District we didn’t see how this Districts Process after 3rd grade would have helped improve the outcome.
    Is our District able to and dedicated to providing substancial outcomes for All it’s Students? If we pay extra money what should be expected in exchange for this investment?

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