Wisconsin high schools webcast graduations to reach wider audience

Amy Hetzner:

While iQ Academy Wisconsin can reach students statewide through lessons taught over the Internet, that doesn’t mean all 128 graduates can reach the academy for Sunday’s commencement at Waukesha South High School.
So, for the first time, the school is offering a webcast of its graduation, which students and their relatives can watch in streaming video as names are called out and awards are distributed.
“A lot of our students live pretty far from Waukesha,” said iQ Principal Rick Nettesheim, who estimates about two-thirds of the graduating class will be at commencement this year. “Now they can participate in the graduation or, if they have friends or family that live far away, they can participate, too.”
The Waukesha-based charter school is one of a growing number of high schools to broadcast their graduation ceremonies over the Internet, allowing far-flung friends or family members who couldn’t travel or get tickets to participate in once-in-a-lifetime events.
Henry Holmes, 18, said the webcast will allow his grandfather in Waupun to watch as he picks up his iQ diploma.