School Spotlight: Decorated student bassoonist stands out in Mount Horeb

Pamela Cotant:

When David Richards tried out instruments during sixth-grade orientation, he was drawn to the bassoon because it was one of the pieces from which he could coax a sound.
He wound up playing the woodwind instrument as a student in Austin, Texas. Now a senior at Mount Horeb High School, Richards is an accomplished musician in a district known for its music.
“The bassoon requires constant vigilance to play cleanly, as David does,” said John Widdicombe, who plays bass with the Piper Road Spring Band and whose daughter played with Richards in high school. “One really must hear David play to appreciate the gentle voice he offers through his instrument.”
Richards has performed in Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras since eighth grade and started playing in Winds of Wisconsin as a sophomore and the experiences have propelled his interest in the bassoon.