Does state ask less of schools? Report says Wisconsin has laxer education standards than other states

Alan Borsuk:

Attention, school officials around the country: If your school is having trouble meeting standards for adequate progress, consider moving the whole operation to Wisconsin.
That was the implication of a study released this week comparing the way 28 states treat the same performance results from schools. More of the 36 schools in the study would be rated as making “adequate yearly progress” in Wisconsin than in any other state. Two schools in the study would be regarded as making adequate progress only in Wisconsin, the report says.
“Although schools are being told that they need to improve student achievement in order to make AYP under the law, the truth is that many would fare better if they just moved across state lines,” the report says.
And Wisconsin would be the place to go.
The report, titled “The Accountability Illusion,” was issued by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, an education think tank generally regarded as right of center. The foundation supports having national standards for accountability that are consistent from state to state and said the results of the study show the wide variation in how demanding states are when it comes to school quality.

One thought on “Does state ask less of schools? Report says Wisconsin has laxer education standards than other states”

  1. Our lax educational standards resulted from wisconsin Superintendents of Education who have not used their bully pulpit to promote higher standards because their campaign funding has been bankrolled by the Educational establisment who fears they will get less funding from the legislature if the public has access to the failure of our competing with education in other Countries etc. Its our Government,we are getting what we deserve because we should be insisting on Superintendents of education who are not the tools of special interests.

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