Wisconsin DPI Superintendent: It looks like an interesting race

Despite being outspent $96,129 to $10,500 (WisPolitics) by Tony Evers, Rose Fernandez obtained 31% of yesterday’s vote. Tony Evers received 35%. Here’s a roundup of the election and candidates:

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  • Amy Hetzner:

    On Tuesday, he finished just ahead of Rose Fernandez, a former pediatric trauma nurse and parent advocate, in a five-person field.
    Although she finished the night in second place, Fernandez, 51, characterized her performance as “a victory for real people over the special interests.”
    In addition to being first to declare his candidacy, Evers also captured endorsements – and contributions – from the Wisconsin Education Association Council as well as other labor and education-based groups. WEAC PAC, the political arm of the state’s largest teachers union, contributed $8,625 to Evers’ campaign, in addition to spending nearly $180,000 on media buys for the candidate, according to campaign filings earlier this month.
    By contrast, the Fernandez campaign spent $20,000. She said that her message of calling for merit pay for teachers and choices for parents had resonated with voters.
    “Tonight, we have all the momentum,” she said. “This is going to be a real choice. It’s going to be a choice between special interests and the status quo, the bureaucracy that is entrenched at the Department of Public Instruction, vs. a focus on the results we are looking for in our investment in education, a push for higher standards instead of higher taxes.”
    Evers, 57, has distanced himself somewhat from the current schools superintendent, Elizabeth Burmaster, saying it’s time to be more aggressive about reforming Milwaukee Public Schools and calling for an increase in the state’s graduation rate.
    On Tuesday, he denied Fernandez’s charge of favoring special interests

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  • John Nichols on the history of the DPI Superintendent.

One thought on “Wisconsin DPI Superintendent: It looks like an interesting race”

  1. I feel most of our Wisconsin political corruption is legal and we would clean it up by felonizing the money that is presently legal to give to candidates and political parties. Anyone thinking about running for office such as state Superintendent of Schools,Supreme Court,Legisislature or Governor must be prepared to outspend the Teachers Unions,Manufactures Associations etc.To be endorsed by thses special interests,one must speak for them in matters of policy,legislation and enforcement.The winning candidate is often no more than a spokesperson foe special interests.We need to get the money out of the pockets of our Wisconsin Governors,Legislators,Supreme Court Justices. It might be refreshing to hear from a Wisconsin Superintendent of education who is not owned by the Educational establishment.

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