Madison School District Seeks Community Volunteers for Strategic Planning Teams

Pat Schneider:

The Madison School District is inviting members of the community to join them in putting into action five priorities for the future identified in a major planning bash last month.
The “strategic priorities” were developed by a planning committee — 60 strong — that met for a marathon 22 hours over several days in January. See a school district article about the process here.
The process was open and inclusive with more than token representation by people of color, committee member Annette Miller on Monday told members of Communities United, a Madison coalition committed to promoting social justice. “I didn’t feel like I was the African-American representing the whole African-American community,” Miller said.
The process may have been close to the ground, but the priorities developed by the committee smack of “educationalese” (and writing by committee) in the draft report released Monday to Communities United.
As roughly translated into plain English, they are: eliminate the achievement gap between students of color and white students; evaluate programs and personnel, then prioritize and allocate resources equitably; recruit and retain staff members who reflect the cultural composition of the student body; “revolutionize” Madison education with rigorous, culturally relevant and accelerated learning opportunities; provide a safe, welcoming learning environment for all children by building ties to the community, confronting fears about diversity, and being accountable to all.