State superintendent rejects Detroit Public Schools’ bid to avoid finance manager

Chastity Pratt Dawsey:

Michigan’s top school official today rejected Detroit Public Schools’ fight against a state takeover of the district’s $1.1-billion budget.
The decision comes after a Thursday hearing where Flanagan allowed school board attorneys to explain why the state should not take control over the deficit-ridden budget. The attorneys argued that the two-day lead time Flanagan gave was not enough time to prepare a case.
Flanagan was not moved by the argument.
“I confirm my previous determination that a financial emergency exists in the Detroit Public Schools,” Flanagan wrote in an 11-page letter to the school board on Tuesday.
School board officials offered no comment today.
“The Board has received the letter and is reviewing it at this time,” DPS spokesman Steve Wasko wrote in an e-mailed response today.