Should voters pick School Board representatives?

Doug Hissom:

Milwaukee Ald. Bob Donovan apparently doesn’t have room for democracy, at least when it comes to the Milwaukee School Board.
Donovan wants an appointed School Board as opposed to letting the public choose their representatives. He calls it a priority on his Christmas wish list.
“To me (improvements and gains made under appointed boards) shows that the problems lie with bloated bureaucracy and poor governance that keep real improvements from happening in the classroom,” Donovan says.
“Sadly, this mayor (Tom Barrett) and this administration can’t seem to make up its mind on what to do, and so we continue to drift.”
Perhaps the timing is right for major changes at MPS, Donovan says, seemingly unaware that no one is actually calling for a wholesale sacking of the School Board and the MPS administration.
“The clock is ticking,” he says.