Will Blewett be the last Milwaukee Public Schools board president?

Michael Mathias:

If there is a case to be made for dissolving the Milwaukee Public Schools board, several of its members, but particularly its president, Peter Blewett, seemed hell bent on making it during last week’s budget meetings.
That the end result of those meetings–a double digit increase in the district’s property tax levy–was the only responsible option the board could have chosen, won’t do anything to assuage the board’s growing number of critics or even improve its standing among its supporters.
Blewett has had a long time (a year, in fact, since the last budget fiasco) to persuade the public and other elected officials that the board and Superintendent William Andrekopoulos have the ability to manage the district’s complicated finances. And while the scores of people who showed up to support an increase in the tax levy made an impressive display, their presence seemed more in support of an idea and not an endorsement of those behind it. It’s notable that, as far as I know, not one elected official spoke out in support of the board’s actions despite the fact that everyone is aware of the poor hand MPS is dealt when it comes to state funding.