Advocating a Yes Vote for the November, 2008 Madison Referendum

A Capital Times Editorial:

Even with approval of the referendum, district administrations would have to run a tight ship. They are not asking taxpayers to bridge all the gaps created by the anticipated deficits. They are prepared to trim budgets and delay the initiation of programs until economic circumstances improve or, ideally, the state accepts more of its deferred responsibilities.
Weighing the big-picture educational challenges that we face as a community, a state and a nation, as well as the hometown reality of strong schools facing genuine threats, this referendum does not pose a difficult choice.
The only vote that makes sense is “yes.”
It is essential for everyone who is heading to the polls on Nov. 4 to decide the presidential race between two men who say education is a priority — as well as every voter who casts an early ballot — and to make the extra effort to find the referendum question and mark that “yes” box.

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