New York City Class Action Strips Teacher Parking Permits

David Seifman:

More than 50,000 teachers returning to school next month will get a tough lesson about parking in congested urban areas when the Bloomberg administration yanks their long-cherished parking permits, officials announced yesterday.
Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler, assigned by the mayor to whittle down the school system’s permits by at least 20 percent as part of a citywide crackdown, discovered there were 63,390 school permits in circulation but only 10,007 reserved spaces around the schools.
As a result, Skyler reduced the number of parking permits by an astonishing 82 percent, to 11,150, which includes those for teachers and other school personnel.
Some 10,000 of them are good only in spots specifically reserved for school personnel; the others are universal, meaning they can be used wherever a vehicle on “official business” can park. That includes at expired meters and in no-parking zones.
“We found the amount of parking placards outweighed the number of parking spots for the agency as a whole by about 6, or so, to 1,” Skyler said.