Dane County schools outline policies for new academic year

Gena Kittner:

Stash the heelies in the closet, guzzle the energy drinks outside of school, and leave the toy weapons at home.
Those are a few of the new policies Dane County school districts will be enforcing this fall, as outlined in changes to student handbooks.
While most of the changes relate to mundane topics like student fees and attendance, rules about what students wear and can bring to school are getting more specific.
The new policies reflect how schools are trying to adapt to societal changes, said Miles Turner, executive director of the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators.
“It’s a delicate balance that districts walk in trying to ensure safety of students and the integrity of academic environment and students’ rights,” he said.
Some changes, especially in what clothing is acceptable, tend to be cyclical, with each generation looking for ways to push the limit.