Verona High School’s new AP moves in

Lisa Nunez:

New Verona Area High School (VAHS) Associate Principal Otistine Tracey Williams approaches her students with a strong attitude. “I will listen to you,” she says. “I have high expectations, and I want you to reach them. I will be your biggest cheerleader. But, I will hold you accountable.”
As one of three associate principals at VAHS, Williams supports approximately 450 students, their families, and their teachers through grades 10, 11, and 12. “The associate principals manage the day-to-day ins and outs of the school — primarily discipline, attendance, and staff issues,” says Williams. “We also work with the parents.”
Williams envisions her new position as a conduit, “working with students who may not connect with the school and finding ways to get them connected,” she says. “I love that. Now [at VAHS] I can do it on a larger scale.”