Changed lives

Patrick McIlheran:

Ahmad Hattix looks preoccupied as he is about to be relaunched.
It could be because he has spectators – his father, his fiancée, young children bouncing around in a hallway at Gateway Technical College in Racine, where he’s about to graduate. Maybe he’s just eager to get moving.
Which happens. People assemble around tables, officials speak, men come up to receive certificates. Hattix, now smiling, makes several trips, as he has not only graduated but has earned some other honors. He is a changed man.
Hattix has been changed by technical education, by Gateway’s “boot camp” in the sort of high-end computerized metalworking called CNC machining. Hattix, 31, of Racine has a prison record and practically no job experience. But thanks to the boot camp, he has bright prospects. As of his graduation July 18, he already has a job offer in Kenosha.

One thought on “Changed lives”

  1. That’s wonderful Ahmad changed his life. Too bad he hasn’t had a change of heart to be a responsible father to his four children. He has a new beautiful baby girl he hasn’t seen, nor held. Her mother is so good with her. She even dedicated her to the Lord yesterday. And where was the “stand-up” guy Ahmad? Who knows. Probably with his fiance’s cousin he married. Yeah, you heard it straight from the horses mouth. He married his then fiance’s cousin! If anyone sees Ahmad, give him some encouragement and let him know his children need him.

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