Nerad leaves (Green Bay) with look back, some sadness

Kelly McBride:

Outgoing Green Bay School District Superintendent Daniel Nerad always will have new-job jitters.
The butterflies were there on his first day as a Green Bay School District employee 33 years ago, and he predicts they’ll be there when he starts his new role as head of the Madison School District July 1.
Nerad can only hope there’s less property damage this time around.
“My parents gave me a new briefcase when I was employed here,” he recalled Tuesday. “I had this old beat-up car that the driver’s side door sometimes would unlock and sometimes didn’t unlock. … So I put the briefcase down on the side of the car and I went on the passenger’s side and went in. Started the car, backed up — smashed my new briefcase.
“So just as there were first-day jitters then, there will be first-day jitters (in Madison).”
There’s also been sadness around Nerad leaving, as he admits and as was evident at the conclusion of his last Green Bay School Board meeting Monday night.

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