Columbia, Missouri ACT Results Compared with Math Curriculum

Columbia Parents for Real Math:

CPS Secondary Math Curriculum Coordinator Chip Sharp provided average ACT scores reported by course enrollment which are used in the figures below. Plotting the data in several ways gives food for thought regarding the differences between algebra and integrated math pathways offered at CPS.
The data don’t distinguish between which students are sophomores, juniors or seniors when they take the ACT, which students may have repeated courses or what year they started the pathway (7th, 8th or 9th grade). But it does give some idea of how much math “preparation” each course pathway provides at least for the years for which data is available.

I’ve heard that Madison’s Math Task Force will render a report prior to Superintendent Art Rainwater’s June 30, 2008 retirement. Related: Math Forum.

One thought on “Columbia, Missouri ACT Results Compared with Math Curriculum”

  1. Integrated Math would correspond to Core Plus. This outcome is not surprising. And it indicates that:
    1. parents and students need to be informed about the goals and shortcomings of taking this math route (in other words, you would need remediation upon entering college).
    2. an alternative route should be recommended for students interested in the sciences and math.

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