Photographer Annie Leibovitz Tells Graduates To Have a Viewpoint — and to Stick by it

Susan Kinzie:

Leibovitz told the graduates of Corcoran to keep their eyes open.
“The artistic process is still about seeing. Things don’t stop unfolding in front of you. As you go out in the world, keep in mind the possibilities,” she said.
The photography majors, in particular, leave school with a new sense of perspective.
“Everything starts to look different through the lens,” Anthony said.
The best thing about her education, she said, was the exposure — to new ideas, new techniques, new artists.
The work of Leibovitz, Richard Avedon and other commercial photographers is usually the first thing photography students see, Anthony said, the first thing that gets them excited about the field. At school, Anthony learned about edgier, lesser-known artists, and she experimented with color and interactive pieces.