Report: More Governors Prioritizing Pre-K


Pre-K Now today released Leadership Matters: Governors’ Pre-K Proposals Fiscal Year 2007, a comprehensive analysis of governors’ leadership and budgetary commitments to expanding access to pre-kindergarten. If legislatures across the country approve these proposals, for the third straight year more children than ever before will have access to pre-k. Every governor who proposed pre-k increases last year received state legislative approval for increased funds. “Two years ago just 11of the nation’s governors had pre-k on their policy and budgetary agendas,” said Libby Doggett, Ph.D., executive director of Pre-K Now. “Our report shows that number has more than doubled with proposals by 24 governors to increase funding for pre-k. We expect these commitments to guide state legislatures and improve our schools. High-quality pre-k is critical to helping states meet the standards and mandates of No Child Left Behind and is the first step to improving K-12 education.”
Gubernatorial increases to pre-k were bolstered for 2007 by favorable state revenue forecasts. Twenty-two states are likely to enjoy increased income in fiscal year 2007 while 26 others anticipate fiscal stability. Governors who once felt hamstrung by budget shortfalls are emerging with plans to improve educational opportunities in their states by advancing pre-k.