Verona students suspended for drinking, drugs on school trip

Heather LaRoi:

Nineteen Verona High School students are facing the music after partying on a school-sponsored trip to Costa Rica.
School officials have suspended the students after learning the students drank alcohol and some smoked marijuana during the trip earlier this month.
“It was a bit of a sordid affair,” Principal Kelly Meyers said. “The preponderance of the trip was an outstanding and valuable learning experience, but it was tainted severely by a few nights of really, really poor choices. Now we’re embarrassed, all of us.”
Thirty-three students were on the 10-day trip that included hikes in rainforests and meeting villagers. The group belonged to a school club called the Land Rovers, which goes on regular outings. They paid for the trip out of their own pockets.
Most of the offenses took place in the students’ hotel rooms on the final night of the trip, Meyers said. After word got out about the misdeeds, the school launched an investigation into what Meyers called “a very unfortunate occurrence.”
The group had six adult chaperones, including five employees of the high school, which should be “quite ample,” Meyers said. That the chaperones apparently didn’t know what was going on means some changes in how trips are overseen in the future may be made, she said.