Monona Grove Hires a New Superintendent

Karyn Saeman:

Craig Gerlach will be the next superintendent of the Monona Grove School District.
Gerlach’s selection was announced Wednesday night at a School Board meeting in Cottage Grove.
Speaking briefly after sitting through more than an hour of contentious debate over the proposed sharing of a principal at two elementary schools, Gerlach joked, “this has been a learning experience. If I want to make an exit, I should do it right now.”
The father of two said he was attracted to Monona Grove because of its reputation.
“You have a lot of great things going for your school district,” Gerlach said. “You’ve got a rich history of educational success.”
“I know you have issues,” he continued, but “they’re not issues that are uncommon to other school districts in the state.”
“I don’t have all the answers,” Gerlach admitted, but said he looked forward to moving the district ahead. “It’s exciting to be here,” he said.