Mississippi’s School Board Trainning Law

Shelia Byrd:

Gov. Haley Barbour has signed several bills into law, including one that would require additional training for school board members in low-performing districts.
The bill becomes law July 1. It would affect local school boards that serve in districts with one or more underperforming schools or in districts with serious financial problems.
The members would undergo training geared toward improving learning and promoting effective financial management. The training would be provided annually by the Mississippi School Boards Association.
Sen. Alice Harden, D-Jackson, a former teacher and a member of the Senate Education Committee, said the bill doesn’t go far enough. She said the additional training should be required for school board members in all districts.
She said many of the state’s school board members are elected, and while they’re committed to supporting the district, “they don’t exactly understand their responsibilities.”
“What they do is set the philosophy of what a district should be doing,” Harden said Wednesday. “The teachers are teaching, the environment is conducive to learning and the school is up to par.”