John DeMain’s Remarks at the 2008 Memorial / West Strings Festival

Madison Symphony Orchestra Conductor John DeMain made a few remarks at Saturday’s Memorial / West area Strings Festival. Watch the video. Much more about John DeMain.
Incoming Madison Superintendent Dan Nerad’s remarks. Event photos and video.

2 thoughts on “John DeMain’s Remarks at the 2008 Memorial / West Strings Festival”

  1. No guest speakers, but the East/LaFollette area Strings concert was also wonderful! It was the first I’ve attended and I was really impressed.

  2. I’ve been going to Madison string festival events for many years. In previous years, I remember going to four in one day when each of the area high schools hosted their own festival and loving them all. Each one is unique. What is wonderful and shared at both sites is the excitement of the students and their family and friends. It’s such a joyous celebration of talent, hard work, creativity and it’s so much fun!
    Does anyone have a copy of the string festival held at La Follette High School, representing the East and La Follette High Schools? Or photos that could be posted?

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