Madison to Finalized Elementary School Name Tonight

Susan Troller:

The long saga of naming Madison’s newest elementary school will end tonight as the School Board makes its selection from four final choices.
The names are Jeffrey Erlanger, an advocate for people with disabilities; Paul J. Olson, a conservationist and well-known Madison educator; Howard Temin, a Nobel Prize-winning UW cancer researcher; and Ilda Thomas, a community activist who helped found Centro Hispano.
The Erlanger and Olson names have received the most community support to date.
“We have the school, the principal, the boundaries. We are looking forward to having a name,” School Board President Arlene Silveira said this morning.
The four final names were recommended to the board by a citizen committee which met extensively in January and early February, winnowing a pool of 87 names submitted by the public down to four.