Monona Grove Student Targeted In Racially Motivated Incident


On Friday, several students got into an altercation, stemming from what some are describing as racially driven harassment.
Renee Roach said that her son, LeBraun, has been the targeted by a group of white students because of his race. LeBraun Roach is black. Roach said that her son has been taunted with racial slurs at school.
The day before the altercation at the school, several white students allegedly dropped a deer carcass on the windshield of a car at Roach’s home. The family said this wasn’t the first incident directed at their son. They said their driveway was blocked with Christmas trees just days earlier.
“My wife and kids are scared. That’s understandable when you find a dead deer in your driveway; you kind of wonder what else could be next. Are they going to throw something through the window?” said Arthur Roach, who found the deer carcass.

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