More on Wisconsin Virtual Schools

A Reader’s comment:

The article about Virtual Schools seems a bit tabloidish. It certainly paints a very different picture than the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal article. 15% local enrollment is very different from the 100% local enrollment that this author says will be enforced. She also doesn’t seem to consider the fact that it’s not surprising that WEAC would strongly support a former teacher regardless of the Virtual Schools issue. Maybe she was being sarcastic? Maybe she was trying to make a point about the $500 thing (which I agree is ridiculous)? All I know is that John Lehman was a good teacher who did all the extra stuff like coaching groups of high schoolers in the Model U.N. competitions. I also support Virtual Schools. I just don’t know what the exact right way to do that is. Should they get exactly the same amount as a brick and mortar school? Probably not. What is the right percentage? I dunno. Does a requirement on percentage local enrollment help or hinder the students? I dunno. Please describe why 15% local enrollment is harmful. Please describe why 50% of the usual dollar amount is too little. Facts will convince me. Bashing a good teacher and really nice guy does nothing to convince me.

James Wigderson:

The march on Madison to restore Wisconsin Virtual Academy and protect Wisconsin’s schools had over 1100 people participate today. I received this note from Brian Fraley that I thought I would pass along. It sounds like turnout even exceeded Brian’s hopes and expectations:
We had to cut off pre-rally registration at the concourse ballroom before all of three Milwaukee Buses arrived. WE had 975 registered on site today, 140 on Milwaukee buses. So we easily had a crowd of more than 1100 thats not including walk ups. In 6 days!
Out of a safety concern we asked 150 or so to head back to the Concourse and head to capitol at 2 instead. And it still took 15 minutes for the throng to enter the Capitol!