Experts debate Arizona student testing model

Jonathan Cooper:

Arizona’s student testing model is flawed, and the state’s top education official is exaggerating student success on standardized tests, a conservative researcher charged Thursday.
“It’s a bit like watching Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa beating these baseball records,” said Matthew Ladner, vice president of research at the Goldwater Institute. “It could be that they’re just better baseball players. Or it could be that the ball is juiced or the players are taking steroids.”
Ladner debated Tom Horne, Arizona’s superintendent of public instruction, at an annual meeting of education researchers held at Arizona State University’s Downtown Phoenix Campus.
Horne called Ladner a “demagogue” and said the Goldwater Institute is selective with facts and spreads false information as a scare tactic.
“They can’t stand the idea that there could be anything good in public education,” Horne said.