Dane County, WI AP High School Course Comparison

A quick summary of Dane County, WI High School 2007-2008 AP Course Offerings (source – AP Course Audit):

  • Abundant Life Christian School (3 Courses)
  • Cambridge (1)
  • DeForest (7)
  • Madison Country Day (International Baccalaureate – IB. However, Madison Country Day is not listed on the approved IB World website.)
  • Madison East (11)
  • Madison Edgewood (11)
  • Madison LaFollette (10)
  • Madison Memorial (17)
  • Madison West (5+1 2nd Year Calculus which “prepares students for the AP BC exam”)
  • Marshall (5)
  • McFarland (6)
  • Middleton – Cross Plains (7)
  • Monona Grove (7)
  • Mount Horeb (5)
  • Oregon (9)
  • Sauk Prairie (10)
  • Stoughton (6)
  • Sun Prairie (13)
  • Verona (10)
  • Waunakee (6)
  • Wisconsin Heights (6)

Links and course details are available here.
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3 thoughts on “Dane County, WI AP High School Course Comparison”

  1. A few updates to this information:
    Janet – thanks for the post. Any idea why West’s data is different than the College Board’s?
    (Enter City Madison, State Wisconsin)
    McFarland Principal JG Hickey emailed a few notes, including:
    “McFarland High School offers any and all of the APex courses to our students (we pay).”
    JG also pointed out that I failed to include Waunakee on the summary page data. I’ve corrected that error.
    Finally, he mentioned that Madison Country Day School does not currently appear on the “Approved IB” site:
    MCD notes that they “will offer students in the class of 2010 and beyond the opportunity to participate in this well-rounded academic experience”.

  2. Jim,
    I have heard that the College Board has to “approve” all curriculum to state a course is now AP. I know at Edgewood they only offer one Calc course, but the curriculum allows kids to also take the BC test if they choose (and a number of kids have received 4s and 5s thought this curriculum), and the same thing with English (they encourage kids to take the the Language). In both these courses, they are listed as AP Calc and AP English not the specific tests.
    I would guess that the college board just hasn’t “approved” the curriculum for those courses that Janet listed.
    One thing I have learned, is that just because a course is not listed as a specific AP class, the courses can truly prepare kids to take the AP tests anyway. The school just may not “teach” specifically for the test.

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