4GW at work in a community near you

Fabius Maximus:

Part V of this series provoked many emails requesting more symptoms showing the decline of the State (DOTS) in America. I wish all the questions I received were so easy to answer. This essay will give some general background and a specific example.
The ur-text for DOTS is Martin van Creveld’s The Rise and Decline of the State. [DNI Editor’s note: See also van Creveld’s “The Fate of the State”] He gives vast evidence of DOTS in America, such as the shifting of core functions like primary education and security from public to private entities – either for profit companies or non-government organizations (NGO’s).
The privatization of education is a major media story, especially efforts by the government to resist the rise of home teaching and for-profit schools. The privatization of security has occurred more quietly and is perhaps more significant. Private security detectives/guards outnumber police in America by approximately 1.1 million to 800 thousand, and their numbers are growing faster. The total number of private guards does not even include in-house guards, such as for companies and schools – nor mercs, such as those Blackwater brought in to guard the mansions of New Orleans following Katrina.

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  1. The issues discussed by “Fabius Maximus”, while often applied to global matters are also relevant locally.
    I pondered this while listening to parents, school staff and community leaders discuss group and gang activity and violence at and near our local high schools this week.
    Unfortunately, it’s required activist parents (and their children) to bring some of these issues to light. I suspect we’ve not heard the last of this.
    Madison Parent’s School Safety Site has more:
    Finally, two years ago, Rafael Gomez organized a forum on Gangs and School Violence. All four Madison principals (along with Edgewood’s) participated along with local law enforcement representatives. About 80 parents attended this event.
    Audio and Video here:
    SIS on Gangs & School Violence

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