Madison Mayor’s Perspective on the Schools

Mary Yeater Rathbun:

Bill Clingan will become part of a bridge between the mayor’s office and the Madison School District if the City Council confirms Clingan’s appointment as the director of its new Economic and Community Development Department.
As Mayor Dave Cieslewicz told the Capital Times editorial Board this week, the city has no real authority over the schools but they are crucial to the city’s success in fighting crime and in promoting economic development.
“We need to find the right way to engage with the schools,” he said. “Bill Clingan is part of the answer.”
Clingan, 53, was a Metropolitan Madison School District board member from 2003 through 2005.
Business relocation decision are based in large part on access to a skilled work force and quality of life issues, Cieslewicz said. Both are related to good schools, he added.
“We shouldn’t miss the opportunity presented by a new school district superintendent,” Cieslewicz said.
He added he had already met with the consultants who are helping the school district pick a new district superintendent to replace Art Rainwater, who is retiring at the end of this school year. Rainwater has been at the head of Madison’s schools since February 1999.

Outgoing School Board member Lawrie Kobza defeated incumbent Bill Clingan in April, 2005 [site history at].
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