Analysis of Local Schools & Districts Based on 2007 WKCE Data

Madtown Chris, via email:

The 2007 state testing data is out and I thought I’d take another look. Again I’m looking here at Dane County area schools only compared with each other and state-wide as well. The data you will see only includes non-poor students — you can read more about why below.
Some Madison Elementary Schools are Tops
As you can see, Madison schools are simultaneously excellent and terrible. The top 8 are MMSD schools as are 6 of the bottom 10. Wow!
Not only does MMSD have top elementary schools in the area but the top 8 are above the 95% percentile statewide. That means those 8 schools are better (with respect to my measurements) than 95% of the other elementary schools in Wisconsin.
Furthermore, MMSD schools Lowell, Randall, and Van Hise are the #1, #2, and #3 elementary schools STATEWIDE. Yes you heard right. According to my ranking those are the 3 best elementary schools in the state for non-poor students.
Of the top 25 schools statewide, 7 are MMSD schools. No other area schools make the top 25.
You might consider moving to one of those attendance areas because these schools and the students in them are really, really good.

Much more on the WKCE here [RSS].

2 thoughts on “Analysis of Local Schools & Districts Based on 2007 WKCE Data”

  1. This is an analysis? I don’t think you can discern anything substantive about the quality of a school by looking at only “advanced” scores on the 4th grade WKCE when the demographics of the schools are widely disparate and some of the sample sizes are really small (13 students and less). Test scores provide interesting information about schools and should be used to inform school improvement, but using test scores to rank schools is generally pretty meaningless, inaccurate, and misleading.

  2. Which, of course, has never stopped Madtown Chris from posting, nor SIS from regurgitating, said meaningless, iaccurate and misleading “ANALySIS”;)

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