Have you read “HANDS ON, FEET WET,” a fascinating story about River Crossing Environmental Charter School and its students?

Jen McCoy:

They proclaim to hate textbooks, but River Crossing Environmental School students now have a soft spot for at least one, because they are featured in it.
The “Hands On, Feet Wet,” book chronicles the five-year history of the charter school through stories, photographs and a DVD. Publication was made possible through the Department of Public Instruction Charter Schools Dissemination Grant.
“I get very bored when I am sitting at a desk reading a textbook, but here I have something I can look forward to in the morning,” said Aaron Christensen, 12. “There is a different way of learning.”
The grant, $84,217, was used toward the book and the first phase of a math curriculum, according to Victoria Rydberg, River Crossing teacher. She submitted the grant in December 2005, and by this summer Rydberg was suffering from writer’s cramp.
“If I could do it again, I would definitely recruit more help for the DVD and writing. Many of the people who contributed writing did so on a very tight timeline,” Rydberg said. “It was a great experience, and I hope that next summer, I can get out on the river and kayak.”

Ask Victoria Rydberg, teacher / author, to send you a FREE copy: rydbergv@portage.k12.wi.us
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