Teaching the trades: High school apprenticeship program gives students on-the-job training

Joe Dresang:

“It’s hard to find opportunities like this, where a company will give you that start,” Rewolinski says, loud enough to be heard over the fan that cools him. “A lot of companies now, they want you to have the experience right away. And with a program like this, I can get that start, and then I can move on and maybe move to something better or stay here and just get better at it.”
Rewolinski is talking about Wisconsin’s Youth Apprenticeship program.
He’s demonstrating his skills to Roberta Gassman, secretary of the state Department of Workforce Development.
For months, Gassman has been visiting youth apprentices at schools, factories, fabricators, machine shops and nursing homes.
She’s stumping for Gov. Jim Doyle’s plan to double the budget for youth apprenticeships to $2.2 million a year.