The Violence-Free Zone initiative seems to be tamping down violence at two Milwaukee high schools

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Editorial:

There isn’t just one right answer to preventing school violence – you try what works. But a program that will expand this fall to five Milwaukee high schools shows promise.
The Violence-Free Zone initiative places young people from the community into schools as youth advisers. These advisers form relationships within the school and nearby community, and they work to identify students labeled as the most disruptive. They may help a kid find a safe place to go after school or better living arrangements for families. At South Division High School, they have even helped families with tax forms.
In the hallways, advisers defuse arguments before they boil over, and they confront unruly students with a stern message: Violent behavior is not acceptable. But along with that message, healthy alternatives are offered.
The program is all about making stronger connections with troubled kids and offering them hope.