3 Simple Things: Conduct Board Business Differently

  1. Good Health Care at an Affordable Price: Reduce Costs by $12 Million
  2. Put a Lid on the Cookie Jar: Cut Taxes Over $9 Million
  3. Eliminate Chaos: Board Decisions; Priceless: Improve Student Achievement.


The bargained contract between the Madison Metropolitan School District and Madison Teachers, Inc. (representing teachers) stipulates health coverage from a ‘preferred provider’ (WPS) and a ‘health maintenance organization’ (GHC).

Bids have not been solicited from health care providers in many years. Comparative monthly premium costs for the employer and the employee in the Madison market:

Plan Single Coverage Family Coverage
Employer Employee Employer Employee
MMSD (WPS) $673.00 $75.00 $1,765.00 $196.00
MMSD (GHC) $365.00 $00.00 $974.00 $00.00
City (Dean) $406.00 $13.09 $1,010.00 $33.00
County (Phys Plus) $385.00 $00.00 $905.00 $33.00
State (Dean) $438.00 $22.00 $1.091.00 $55.00

VIDEO: watch the press conference here. Download the 823K PDF presentation materials.

One thought on “3 Simple Things: Conduct Board Business Differently”

  1. When I worked for the State several years ago we had many choices for Health Care coverage (not just Dean as indicated in this report). There was also a choice of a “prefered providor” that many of the employees with more medical needs often joined (because they needed to be able to have the flexibility to go to providors that provide the best care, unlike HMO’s where you are restricted in what providor you can choose). In the state plan, the prefered providor plan cost the employee a great deal more (in paying partial amounts for premium, deductibles and co-pays) than the HMO’s…I wonder how much that plan costs the state? I looking at the HMO premiums listed, it looks to me that MMSD had done a pretty good job negotiating costs. I think that the other plans that are offerred at the state (not sure if the county and city offer other health care options) should also be shown so that a true apple to apple comparison can be made.

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