Update on Search for New Superintendent

Arlene Silveira, School Board President, provided the following update on the Isthmus Forum:
All – here is the update on the search for the new Superintendent.
On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings the Board will interview 4 search firms/consultants. We had decided that we want to use a consultant to assist wit the search for the new Superintendent. These meetings will be open meetings. Each company will make a presentation which will be followed by questions from the Board.
On May 29 the Board will meet to review the financial proposals from each company and rate them based on our RFP. Our hope is to have a company identified by our June 4 meeting so we can approve the company and move into the selection process.
Next steps after the selection include meeting with the board, staff and community to determine a “profile” for our next Superintendent. I don’t yet know how this will be accomplished. The specifics of the process forward will be dependent on the consultant chosen to help with the effort.
Arlene Silveira

3 thoughts on “Update on Search for New Superintendent”

  1. Come one, come all, ye yappers! Our board chair has let you in at the beginning. Have you nothing to say or are you waiting until a decision is made so that you can politic to reverse the board? This is your chance to lead the parade of comments as opposed to standing at the curbside and throwing your trash.

  2. Appleton was recently searching for a new superintendent and had a survey on their website for people to fill out identifying the characteristics that they felt were most important in a new superintendent. The drawback is that it was an open survey, so I went ahead and completed it because I wanted to look at it and didn’t see a way to do that without submitting it (although I don’t have a clue about what Appleton needs in a superintendent)…but I found it interesting in the types of questions they asked, and thought we should consider doing something similar here as a way to gather parent feedback.

  3. I am hoping that the board will appoint a search committee for doing the legwork in preselecting a few candidates for this important community position. A variety of viewpoints will help the new superintendent have a running start from the beginning. I think a couple of board members along with members of the business community, a city representative and a few other key people would be great!

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