We Energies offers great scholarships to CA energy conferences

The We Energies Renewable Energy Development Program
“2007 Wind and Solar Scholarship Program”
Request for Applications
March 5, 2007
Program Description
We Energies supports the development of renewable energy technologies as part of a long-term strategy for providing low-cost, environmentally sound energy options to its customers. To help in furthering this objective, the “2007 Wind and Solar Scholarship Program” will provide grant funds to faculty members at secondary schools, colleges, technical colleges, and universities located within the We Energies electric service territory for purposes of attending one of two conferences. The conferences include:
1. Windpower 2007, Los Angeles, June 3 – 6, 2007
The Windpower conference will include over 200 speakers, 150 poster presentations, and 50 sessions on leading wind energy topics organized into tracks with policy, business, and technical focuses. The conference anticipates 6,000 visitors. www.eshow2000.com/awea/
2. Solar Power 2007, Long Beach, Sept. 24 – 27, 2007
This annual conference has become America’s largest solar energy event. Solar Power will feature 175 exhibitors, 125 speakers and networking opportunities. The conference anticipates 10,000 visitors. www.solarpowerconference.com

The “2007 Wind and Solar Scholarship Program” is intended to offer faculty members an opportunity to gain valuable industry information that will in turn enhance their ability to further develop renewable energy curricula and other related learning opportunities.
This is a competitive program with 15 awards being made available for each conference. The award includes:
1. Full conference registration, and
2. A $1,200 cash stipend to be used for travel, lodging and food.
It is the intent of this program that the knowledge gained through conference attendance will have direct applicability to an ongoing education program and/or faculty research endeavor.
Eligibility for funding through this program is limited to full time faculty members in good standing from secondary schools, colleges, technical colleges and universities in the We Energies electric service territory. All applicants will be considered, and all awards will be granted on an equal opportunity basis.
Application Process
Scholarship applications must include the following information:
A. Application Contents
Contents should be presented in the following order:
1. Narrative Essay, 700 words.
2. Curriculum Vitae, one page.
3. Letter of Reference.
The narrative (maximum of 700 words) must contain the following:
• Clear statement describing why you are an ideal candidate for this scholarship program, specifically describe education or research related activities you are currently engaged in and how these activities will be enhanced by attendance at either the Windpower or Solar Power conference.
• Clear statement describing how you will use the knowledge gained and how you will share the knowledge gained with others through your faculty position.
Curriculum Vitae
Application shall include curriculum vitae (one page) for each applicant.
Letter of Reference
A letter of reference must be included from your direct supervisor or administrator, indicating that you are a full time faculty member in good standing, and providing support for your attendance at the conference as well as for sharing the knowledge gained through current or planned educational programs.
B. Submission Instructions
In order to be considered for this scholarship program, applications must be received no later than the following dates and times:
• Windpower 2007 Conference – Applications must be received by 5 p.m. CST on March 30, 2007.
• Solar Power 2007 Conference – Applications must be received by 5 p.m. CST on June 29, 2007.
Applications can be submitted electronically through email to:
Hard copy proposals can be sent to the following address:
We Energies
Renewable Energy Development Program
“2007 Wind and Solar Scholarship Program”
C/o Drew Szabo – P318
231 W. Michigan Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53203
C. Notification and Disbursement of Awards
Successful scholarship candidates will be notified regarding their award approximately two weeks following each respective submission deadline. Conference registration fees will be paid directly to the respective conference organizers by We Energies for each attendee. Upon providing documentation of travel plans and lodging arrangements, the cash stipend will be issued to the awardees no later than two weeks prior to travel.