Sports and Fine Arts – Planning for the Future

I pulled my blog from yesterday, because I think my main point got lost in too much unnecessary rhetoric. Basically, I would like to see the School Board support efforts to develop multi-year education funding plans for Fine Arts Education and extracurricular competitive sports. I would like to see the School Board be equitable in their cuts and help transition to a mix of public/private financing if that is needed in the future. I don’t see any reason to whack at or eliminate one program vs. another – it’s disruptive and unnecessary and plans cannot be made.

3 thoughts on “Sports and Fine Arts – Planning for the Future”

  1. The financial pie is big enough. It just has to be divided up better. Two minutes of thinking resulted in the following.
    1) Return to administrative/pupil ratios from 10-15 years ago
    2) Cut Reading Recovery positions in half and require RR teachers to, gasp, teach 2 kids at a time.
    3) Cut the copy room budget (paper) by 20 percent
    4) Modest 3 percent cut in every departments operating budget. Easy to do if you try.
    I likely just trimmed about a million in waste without affecting education a bit. Now there is plenty for art, music, sports, G/T, etc….
    It’s time to stop dancing around this stuff by always pointing to the lack of money. For goodness sakes, we’re drowning in it.
    Posted by: reed schneider at February 18, 2007 06:00 PM

  2. Please excuse my confusion, but what was the “unecessary rhetoric” that caused you to pull your blog entry.

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