Friends of Johnny Winston, Jr. School Board Campaign -Seat 4

Dear Friends & Supporters of Education:
On Tuesday April 3rd, I am seeking to be re-elected to the fourth seat on the Madison School Board. I ran for election to the Board of Education in 2004, because I felt that public service is a wonderful opportunity to continue giving back to the community that helped educate me from childhood to adulthood. But, I’m not done … Tough times are ahead … More difficult decisions need to be made … Every student in the MMSD needs the opportunity for a quality education to be prepared for successful participation in our global economy.

Every person in the community is a part of that process. For the past three years, we have worked together to provide opportunity for our students. I have worked with you to provide a positive return on our taxpaying investment in our schools. Look what I have done since 2004 with your support.
· Developed partnerships with businesses, local universities, colleges and non-profit organizations.
· Worked in collaboration with board members, district staff and community groups.
· Involved parents and the community in board processes.
· Successfully passed referenda to alleviate overcrowding and funding for school maintenance.
I have not just complained about the problems of the district, by working with you, together we have been an active part of the solutions. I’m asking for your continued support to re-elect me for three more years of service on the Madison School Board. Please go to my website: to learn more about my school board campaign and how you can help me win on Tuesday April 3rd.
Johnny Winston Jr.