Time on the Job

WKOW-TV notes that Madison Schools Superintendent Art Rainwater has banked quite a bit of unused sick leave time (and therefore money upon his retirement).
WKOW-TV raises some useful policy questions. However, I do think Art is to be commended for the extraordinary amount of time he spends in the community. I’ve been amazed at how frequently I see his name appear around town.
I certainly have had some disagreements with certain policies that he has pushed such as one size fits all mandatory classroom groupings, but Art is to be commended for his extensive time in the schools and community.

One thought on “Time on the Job”

  1. The problem here stems from WKOW taking their beef with state legislators re: banking sick leave to other arenas. Legislators don’t work full time and many refuse to use sick leave when they are ON sick leave. It’s apples and oranges when they compare legislators to Rainwater or doctors at DHFS, etc.

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