West High School Small Learning Community Presentation 1/8/2007 @ 7:00p.m.

Madison West Small Learning Community Coordinator Heather Lott is giving a presentation at Monday evening’s PTSO meeting: “SLC Post-Grant Update and Discussion”. Location: Madison West High School LMC [Map] West’s implementation of Small Learning Communities has been controversial due to the move toward a one size fits all curriculum (English 9 and English 10).
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Parents with children potentially on their way to West High School should check out this Monday evening event.

5 thoughts on “West High School Small Learning Community Presentation 1/8/2007 @ 7:00p.m.”

  1. Especially given how soon this meeting will occur, I hope someone has alerted the newspapers (just in case every rising and current West family doesn’t devotedly link here!)

  2. Parents of current and future high school students ACROSS THE DISTRICT should be VERY interested in the data that will presumably be presented at tomorrow night’s meeting. Why? Because there is every reason to think that what’s been done at West over the past few years is what’s planned for the other three high schools.
    Thanks to the immediate and strong reaction of the East HS community when their version of the plan was introduced by Principal Alan Harris back in November, Superintendent Rainwater has put a two-year freeze on further structural and curricular changes in our high schools while the District does a thoroughgoing study of the critical issues and the relevant research. (Does this seem to anyone else a clear admission by the Superintendent that said issues and research were not properly and thoroughly considered before West went ahead with things?)
    We need to scrutinize the West SLC data well. We need to ask substantive questions about the results. We need to work together to make sure that there is clearcut empirical support for what’s going on at West, results that support a continuation of the program there and its expansion into the other high schools.
    In the absence of clear evidence that the dramatic changes that have been visited upon West are making a difference in the dependent measures of concern, we need to ask that West be returned to a state more like the other three high schools, with two (Memorial and LaFollette) or three (East) levels of classes available in English, Social Studies and Science for West 9th and 10th graders.

  3. How did the meeting go Monday? Unfortunately, I had two other meetings so couldn’t attend, but am anxious to hear the outcome. Ed spoke at the New Wisconsin Promise on Tuesday to share his SLC with other schools in the state-very basic, standard information about why it’s good.

  4. We’re working on getting both the video and the power point presentation posted here. Stay tuned.

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